We leave southern Venezuela and enter Brasil again for the first time in over a year. This northern section is isolated from the main bulk of Brasil by the mighty Amazon river and it is an area where many indigenous tribes live on protected lands.
The first main city we reach is called Boa Vista and from here most travellers continue south to Manaus to load their vehicles onto a barge to navigate the Amazon, but for us we do not want to drive a 1,000 mile round trip just to see one city, so we go no further than Boa Vista.
Our Brasilian trip is a very short one - only 5 days and 3 of those were spent in a truck workshop where we had our leaf springs removed, re-calibrated, cleaned and repainted. As normal - the truckers that use this workshop were great guys and the work team were a real pleasure to spend time with. Our quick visit has reminded us of why we love Brasil so much, but for now, we are focusing on entering Guyana via the new bridge that links these two countries.
Indigenous thatched village, our lovely leaf springs and sharing a beer and BBQ with some Brasilian truckers.
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